SPR-001 Salmon Pacific Gutted - Техногенность / Technogenity (2012, recycled cassete, 25 ltd.)

lo-fi psych improv
Side A - sound of apprehension technogenic apocalypse
Side B - archive records spring-winter 2012

2 EUR gone out

SPR-002: Vyazkiy Sharab - Космический мир Чарльза / Cosmic World of Charles (2012, recycled cassete, 25 ltd.)
Siberian mushroom noise.

Charles - land snail. He lives with us, but the reality around us is perceived by them quite differently. Welcome to the cosmic world of Charles.

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SPR-003: Vyazkiy Sharab - Аудиограммы потомкам / Audiogram to Descendants (2012, 3,5'' floppy disk, 10 ltd.)

Vyazkiy Sharab's address to the audio-archaeologists of the future.

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SPR-004: Arseny Litvin / Vyazkiy Sharab / Konstantin Kozlov - Зимние шумовые сессии / Winter Noise Sessions (2013, recycled cassete, 30 ltd.)

Two improvised noise sessions including radio noise elements recorded to a cassette recorder

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SPR-005: Vyazkiy Sharab - Ты всего лишь оболочка для самого себя / You are only a cover for yourself (2013, Mini-CDr, 100 ltd.)

Concept audio card from Vyazkiy Sharab.

2,5 EUR

SPR-006: Salmon Pacifc Gutted - Необычайные приключения по подвалам сознания / Extraordinary adventures in cellars of consciousness (2013, recycled cassete, 40 ltd.)

Raw noisy krautrock. Rattle and rumble from the little box.

3,5 EUR gone out

SPR-007: Alexander Markvart / Bruzgynasi / Vyazkiy Sharab / Inorganic Blossoming - Звуковые коллизии / Sound Collisions (2013, recycled cassete, 50 ltd.)

Fixing of the two noise jam sessions occurred in Siberia at Autumn 2013. Absolutely lo-fi and fully analog production.

3 EUR gone out

SPR-008: Bisamråtta / Vyazkiy Sharab ‎– Наружу чрез нутро / To Outside Through The Inside (2014, recycled cassete, 40 ltd.)

Collaboration between Vyazkiy Sharab and Vladimir Luchansky (Bisamråtta). Сompiled from 3 live session. Recorded in garage-studio, October 2013.


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